Welcome, tires

I feel so welcomed and treated like a rather special person I’m afraid I’ll deflate, or those around me will. I feel so full of myself, a floating part of me asking, “is this happiness?” I feel almost I’m armored against the possibility of deflation, but I’m…expectant is not the right word. I feel satisfied.Continue reading “Welcome, tires”

do u even know

do you know what it’s like to become a black hole of emptiness and neediness when the world is so vast and your troubles are in fact really small and you read about all the pregnant mothers suffering from malnutrition in Chad or something and you realize that class structures really do exist and thatContinue reading “do u even know”

Raw extracts

So how many of you have time to blow on some borderline-disordered girl’s diary vomit? I hope it’s a lot. Because I really really need this to get OUT there. “I just want to be natural. And normal. But I also want to be me. Also the problem of revealing too much had made meContinue reading “Raw extracts”

I’m crazy and you know it

Don’t let the little things startle you It’s just a matter of time Before your itty-bitty brain breaks into itty-bitty chooks That scatter everywhere. Little things don’t count Like telling time for change It’s when your itty-bitty chooks turn into itty-bitty kooks That you’re insane.

The Oversharer’s Diary

Why why why why why Why did I have to share that particular piece of information out loud? What was the need…did I even have any idea what I stood to lose? She wasn’t….even that close, what do I know about her that’s so private? I trust too fast. Everybody tells me that. Fuck them.Continue reading “The Oversharer’s Diary”

my ex husband is getting married today

First I’ll start by saying I was wrong. I don’t wish you all the best I wish you would miss me every moment you were with her You built me a home You didn’t know how I was just relearning how to walk on bare feet which is funny because I didn’t do much ofContinue reading “my ex husband is getting married today”

So…it’s that crazy post

So this isn’t like a regular post. Normally I free-fall into some poetic style. But right now, with the amount of shit going on in my life, I feel like I really need to… Connect. Let’s start with the fact that I suffer from borderline personality disorder, and was institutionalized until about twenty days ago.Continue reading “So…it’s that crazy post”

To you

Will you start listening I know you’re afraid I know it even though you deny it: it’s in your eyes as plain as can be The red-veined whites wide open, so vulnerable to a fork The eyelashes smooth and low I know the secret sadness of your face I know it’s behind you, and aheadContinue reading “To you”

When everybody is gone

Love’s arduous labors We’ve seen them. What is creation other than a truce with destruction, a hostage to our own demise? I fashion you out of typewriter paper You are the emblem of my joys All the good days, forever apart I make you of my dreams, molding you and shaping you lovingly Because youContinue reading “When everybody is gone”